Koji Yakusho

Hirayama works as a public toilet cleaner in Shibuya, Tokyo. He wakes up at the same time every morning, gets ready for the day, waters his plants, and drinks canned coffee while working. He listens to music on cassette tapes and buys used books to read. His tranquil days seem to repeat the same routine.

Koji Yakusho

Koji Yakusho is an acclaimed Japanese actor and one of Asias most successful and internationally recognized performers. In 2005, he co-starred in Memoirs of a Geisha, which was nominated for six Academy Awards. In the following year, he co-starred in Babel, a film that was honoured by the Cannes Film Festival and earned various awards, including the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. Along with his international success, Yakusho has starred in a wide array of films in his home country where his diverse acting range has garnered him high praise, including The Eel (1997) and Eureka (2001). More recently, he was awarded Best Leading Actor at the Chicago International Film Festival for his magnetic performance in Under the Open Sky (2020).

Min Tanaka

This homeless man, who gave up everything, lives in a park in Yoyogi Fukamachi. He occasionally reaches out into the sunlight. There is something solemn about him that inspires mild respect from Hirayama.

Min Tanaka

Dancer, born in 1945. Min Tanaka began his unique and distinctive dance activity in 1974 and has been actively performing to date. He made his international debut at the Louvre Festival dAutomne à Paris in 1978. He was awarded the Chevalier de lOrdre des Arts et des Lettres from France in 1990. In 2002, he made his film debut in Yoji Yamadas Twilight Samurai, in which he won the Japan Academy Prizes Newcomer of the Year Award and Best Supporting Actor Award. Subsequently, he has appeared in many films and moving images with his distinct presence. Mins life as a dancer was recently depicted as a documentary feature The Unnameable Dance, directed by Isshin Inudo in 2022.

Arisa Nakano

Hirayamas niece. After an argument with her mother, she leaves her home in Kamakura and comes to visit Hirayama for the first time in over a decade. When she was little, she felt that Hirayama was the only one who understood her.

Arisa Nakano

Born in 2005. Arisa Nakano made her model debut in Japanese fashion magazine Ginza. She has since been featured in various fashion magazines, ads and shows. This film will be her first work as an actress. Despite being in her teens, her distinctive aura is attracting a lot of attention within the industry.

Tokio Emoto

Hirayamas co-worker. A rather exasperating man whom Hirayama finds somewhat hard to dislike. Takashi is constantly grumbling about not having enough money, which he blames on the world. Recently, he has developed a crush on Aya.

Tokio Emoto

Actor, born in 1989. Tokio Emoto made his protagonist debut in Jam Films S Suberidai (released in 2005) after a successful audition. He appeared in numerous films released in 2008, including Aint No Tomorrows, and in the same year received The 2nd Matsumoto Cinema Select Award for Best Actor for his performance. He continues to be featured in a wide range of genres such as theatrical stages, films and TV series.

Aoi Yamada

Aya works at a bar where her job is to drink and chat with customers. She neither likes nor dislikes Takashi. She lives in her own world and goes through life without expecting much of anything from others.

Aoi Yamada

Dancer and artist, born in 2000. Aoi Yamada is known for her artistic dance routines, including her solo performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic closing ceremony and ROOT: , performed at the Yokohama Sogo Museum and the Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the Kodue Hibino Exhibition forest closet. Theatrical performances include The Little Prince at KAAT, and Dumb Type 2020. Yamada has also been featured in GUCCIs short film Kaguya and various music videos. She also appeared in the short film Somewhere in The Snow (2021), the Netflix series First Love (2022), and in FM999 999WOMENS SONGS (2021) as Mirrorball woman.

Yumi Aso

Hirayamas younger sister and Nikos mother. She lives in luxury near her parents home in Kamakura. When her father and brother quarreled, she was unable to do anything about it. Although she feels guilty for this, she has been unable to go see her brother in over a decade.

Yumi Aso

Actress, born in 1963. After making her debut in 1983, Yumi Aso gained national attention as a host for a famous national TV show. She has since been active in a wide range of roles across various genres, including romance, historical dramas, sci-fi dramas, and even in comedy. She has starred in countless national hit films and TV series, including: Comic Magazine, Border Line, Dont Cry Mr. Ogre, Musashibo Benkei, Carnation, JIN, Never Let Me Go, and NEO Office Chuckles.

Sayuri Ishikawa

Started running her pub in Asakusa a long time ago after getting divorced. Lately, she manages to get by thanks to a few regulars. She is fond of Hirayama, but she thinks that she is too old for that kind of thing now.

Sayuri Ishikawa

Enka singer and actress, born in 1958. In 1976, Sayuri Ishikawas song Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki became a huge hit, winning her countless awards including the 19th Japan Record Awards and FNS Music Festival Grand Prix. The song also led to her first appearance on the nationally popular annual TV show NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. She continued realizing smash hits and became one of Japans most acclaimed Enka singers. In 2019, she was awarded the Purple Ribbon, a medal of honor, from the Japanese Government.

Tomokazu Miura

Mamas ex-husband. He remarried soon after the divorce. He and his second wife have a child. When he gets sick, he begins a short journey to revisit his past and comes to meet his ex-wife.

Tomokazu Miura

Actor, born in 1952. Tomokazu Miuras career started off by starring in a TV series in 1971. His notable works include The Izu Dancer, The Sound of the Waves and The Typhoon Club. He was also involved in co-writing M/Other, which he played the main role, and received the FIPRESCI at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, he has appeared in the Always: Sunset on Third Street series; the Outrage series; The Katsuragi Murder Case; Voices in the Wind; The Lines That Define Me; Small, Slow But Steady; and more. He is an irreplaceable actor and pillar within the Japanese film industry.
  • Old lady with brush
    Miyako Tanaka
  • Businessman
    Long Mizuma
  • Kids
    Soraji Shibuya
    Aoi Iwasaki
  • Lost boy
    Kisuke Shimazaki
  • Mother
    Yuriko Kawasaki
  • Baby
    Aki Kobayashi
  • Priest
    Bunmei Harada
  • Tourist
  • Bath house
    Shunsuke Miura
  • Old man
    Gan Furukawa
  • Kat-chan
    Atsushi Fukazawa
  • Regular
    Taijiro Tamura
  • Bar owner
    Masahiro Koumoto
  • Old woman
    Makiko Okamoto
  • Vinyl store staff
    Daigo Matsui
  • Customers
    Nao Takahashi
    Nari Saito
    Hiroto Oshita
  • Cat lady
    Naoko Ken
  • Office lady
    Mijika Nagai
  • Old locals
    Motomi Makiguchi
    Isao Matsui
  • Dera-chan
    Aoi Yoshida
  • DPE owner
    Motoyuki Shibata
  • Bookstore owner
    Inuko Inuyama
  • Bar regulars
    Moro Morooka
    Morio Agata
  • High school girl
    Nijika Tonouchi
  • Keikos driver
    Yasushi Okuwa
  • Voice on phone
    Hairi Katagiri
  • Taxi driver
    Tateto Serizawa
  • Parking officer
    Yoneko Matsukane
  • Sato
    Tamae Ando